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The Renegade

We love Pittsburgh, therefore, we write about the most yinzer thing there is: The Pittsburgh Steelers. Top 10 lists, MVP candidate talk…you’ll be sure to find it here.

Walking the Plank

Ah, the Buccos. This year will be our year…right? Just because the Pirates have had a rough history as of late, doesn’t mean we love them any less. We digest what goes on weekly and write about it so if you don’t catch the games, you can at least still hear about it.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Cheap food and drinks? Sign us up. We attend various Happy Hours throughout the city and will let you know which are worth your time.

TGYK Pick ‘Em

We spent the entire football season this year playing to win $150 towards our Pitt football tickets. Who won? You’ll just have to read and see!

Next in the Queue

What’s up next for us? What should be up next for you? Well, TGYK is here to watch and let you know!

Panther Talk

A one-stop shop for all our Pitt Panther articles. Football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling…we say what needs to be said about Pitt and we say it here. All tied into a royal blue and gold bow. Not navy. Never navy.

Inside the Igloo

Pittsburgh may not be known as a hockey town, but we yinzers sure do love our Penguins. Catch up on some news and highlights from their game here.

Hot Take Fridays

We love a good Hot Take, and we have so many of them we decided to write about them. To determine which take is the hottest, you may just have to get in the discussion!

Let’s Brunch

Brunch is very important to us at TGYK. Good potatoes? Check. Good drink deals? Check. Who knows? Your favorite spot might crack our ever growing list. Go give us a read and let us know where to go next!


We like movies and TV yes we do, we like movies and TV how about you? If you’re fans of entertainment, this is a great place to go to read about what we think about what we see. We are honest, too, so you can trust us!

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